Innovative lighting solutions for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts

Welcome to MMSport. Our goal is to provide the latest in lighting technology to automotive enthusiasts. We specialize in developing products for customers that want a quality LED solution that doesn’t yet exist for their vehicle. We also like to stay on the cutting edge, so when new ideas come up, we try to incorporate them in subsequent designs.

Updates (The ones with new TS Boards, Altima and GTO)

Hello modders! It’s been awhile. We have quite a few updates. At long last, we’ve got the new boards for the IS300. A modular design in collaboration with KL Tech, the boards feature a black silk screen, individual segments of LED columns, and they are designed in the USA. The 2nd item is important though,…


Hey all, some of you may be aware of the new and upcoming auraLEDs. These will replace the v3 tail lights. The vX designation will be going away. It was somewhat confusing and often misleading. Details on the new design can be found on our facebook page: Comments have been removed from our page.…

Website changes

Pardon the confusion while we update the website. A recent plugin we used messed up all of our linking.

Website updates

Going to switch to a theme that is more mobile oriented, pardon the confusion while we update.